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Thanks for allowing me to think
aloud. I loved your article about Halal meat. Very thought provoking indeed and gives another dimension of halal in a spiritual sense.T. Singh

I am really impressed by the articles on this website. Wish similar articles were written on other sites and Sikhs could really understand what Sikhi is. I for one am still learning and will keep doing so.
G. Singh

Million thanks for the reiterated "TRUTH"...
G. Singh

Very well said. Blind faith makes people not see the light of pragmatism given to us by Guru Nanak.
T. Singh

I stumbled upon your website and was reallyfloored at the insightful articles about sikhism.
Dan O.

My all praises go to Mr Amar Parkash Singh for explaining the message ofGuru Nanak in its real perspective in his recent missive on this issue which is being misunderstood by many stalwart Sikh theologians under the influence of Vedantic philosophy.
D. Singh

I have to join ......Ji in his very valid appreciation of Amar Paraksh Singh jis excellent reply on Karm..yugs..sach khand etc etc used in Gurbani. I agree with Amar Parkash Singh ji 110%...
J. Singh

most if not all of your ideas are absolute rubbish
please read and read and read again Sri Adi and Dasam Granths if you wish to acquire any decent knowledge on the sanatan sikhi
A. Singh

Loved reading your magazine - i went there to find out
more about the 3ho cult an ex-friend of mine has been
sucked in to but stayed because i liked what you write
in general.

I am truly impressed by the articles published on this website. Really, it is a treasure for the learners.
G. Kaur

I have just read your first posting, "Break on Through to the Other Side". I appreciate your views. These will appear in the July-August 2007 issue of The Sikh Bulletin.
H. Singh

I have in fact become your fan, which I don’t become just like that.
J. Singh

I'd just like to say that you've done an incredible job on communicating the true essence of Sikhism. Many thanks!

I LOVE this guy..Amar Parkash Singh..and his Blog is my Favourite Bookmarked for weekly visit..MUST VISIT. He breathes FRESH AIR..into STALE discussions..debates..theories..ideas...
J. Singh

Amazing. I found myself stopping at just about every sentence, mind blown.

It's so nice to have this new sense of things beginning to emerge.

This is powerful stuff. It's as profound as Martin Luther nailing his thesis to the church door.

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